Material – My preferred theme. Most mats are PVC cause it is modest and simple. Be that as it may, in the event that you are delicate to the earth, at that point go with a crossover plastic like PRE or TPE or even a reused elastic, which is all natural. Another alternative all together is cotton. Cotton yoga mats have been utilized for a truly lengthy timespan outside of our way of life and offer all the security and footing required as any plastic or elastic mat would. They, and elastic mats are likewise more earth touchy.

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Footing – The stickiest mats are produced using open cell elastic. Different mats have surface on them for design and grasp. Keeping your mat spotless and liberated from oils will assist you with keeping great footing on plastic, elastic and cotton mats.

Cost – This is individual for everybody, except you frequently get what you pay for. On the off chance that your mat is thicker or longer it might be better than expected cost. The equivalent goes for if your mat is produced using natural versus unnatural materials. The top end mats come in around $100 yet could most recent 10 years or more. The low end mats are as low as $10 but on the other hand are probably going to self-destruct and to not function admirably.

Yoga is the movement that can take you back to yourself. Reestablishing your wellbeing, opportunity of development, freeing your assortment of torment and focusing your heart and your brain. It can offer all of you this and more if this is the thing that you are looking for.