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Havaianas flip flops are a favorite amongst women and girls who use fashionable footwear. They are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, styles and designs. The majority of flip flops come in bright colors like red, yellow and pink. Most of the flipflops are manufactured in Europe but there are manufacturers in Japan and the U.S. They have been used as a style statement by celebrities and fashion icons from Elle Macpherson, Madonna, Marla Maples, Celine Dion and Brooke Shields to teen models Paris Hilton and Jessica Alba.

How to Choose the Right Pair of Havaianas Flips For Summer

Most havaianas flip flops have only three basic components consisting of a sole, a platform or a strap. The sole is made of flexible material such as rubber, neoprene or EVA and is usually placed under pressure during use so that it does not crack. Platform soles are stitched under the sole to act as a platform for the strap to attach to. All of the straps attached to havaianas have a back strap to secure them to the platform.

One of the most popular features of havaianas flip flops is that they can be used as sandals when they are taken off. There are also variations of these shoes that provide ankle support and a fold over design on the platform for added protection. The design of the shoes allow them to conform to the shape of the user’s feet. Some of the more popular designs include the “hare” which look like a half shell havaianas with the words “hare” and “flop” inscribed in a neat grid on the side. Another design includes an “O” shaped opening which provides ease of movement when one is stepping on their feet.

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